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Utility Line Inspection, Clearance, and Vegetation Management

Panel Discussion: Tools and Data Sources for Utility Line Inspection, Clearance and Vegetation Management

This panel session includes professionals from organizations involved in the capture of vegetation encroachment insights via manned aircraft, unmanned aircraft, mobile mapping systems and boots on the ground. The panel discusses AI and modeling using captured data as well as the tools they use to capture the content used across various vegetation management tool sets.

Panel Session Moderator:
Dennis Fallon, Executive Director, Utility Arborists Association

Peter Atalla, Founder & CEO, Voxelmaps
Hayden Howard, Vice President, CompassData
Ron Chapple, CEO, GEO1
Larry Fox, VP Marketing & Business Development, Bad Elf LLC

Utility Line Inspection, Clearance & Vegetation Management

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Peter Atalla, CEO & Founder