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Transforming Today's Utilities and Telcos to leverage 4D Volumetric Digital Twin Models

Download this webinar to see Voxelmaps' Peter Atalla & Brian Soliday talk about 4D models specific to the Utilities and Telcos sector and go over the following:

  • Voxelmaps Overview
  • Concepts of creating Maps For Machines
  • Understanding Voxelmaps’ 4D Volumetric Mapping Technology for Building and Maintaining Digital Twins for Utilities
  • Utility/Telco Market Use Cases
  • Q&A Session
Transforming Today’s Utilities and Telcos to Leverage 4D Volumetric Digital Twin Models

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“Voxelmaps mission is to build a true 4D volumetric model of the planet, combining visual, spatial and temporal data to create the most detailed map of the world. ”

Peter Atalla, CEO & Founder