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Spatial Digital Twins: Trends, Opportunities and the Way Forward

With a solid foundation in the manufacturing sector, it’s now time to analyze the transition of digital twins to a spatially enabled world – out of the factory to the streets, cities, countries and globe.

We'd like to share with you two sessions that Voxelmaps was involved in at the launch of the WGIC Report on Spatial Digital Twins:

  • Panel Discussion: A Future Vision for Spatial Digital Twins
    Featuring Voxelmaps’ CEO and Founder, Peter Atalla
  • The Spatial Digital Twins Revolution Building Maps For Machines
    Presented by Voxelmaps’ Chief Revenue Officer, Brian Soliday
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“Voxelmaps mission is to build a true 4D volumetric model of the planet, combining visual, spatial and temporal data to create the most detailed map of the world. ”

Peter Atalla, CEO & Founder